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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a slingshot car cost?

The actual price, however, is surprisingly reasonable: $19,999 to start. That seems like a bargain for a machine that delivers so much visual impact and sheer visceral entertainment. Whatever the Slingshot is, there's nothing else like it. • A woman driving in front of me stopped her minivan, got out, walked over, and said, "Okay, what is this?"

How fast does a slingshot car go?

It might not seem like much, but given its weight, the Slingshot is quite fast. No performance numbers are given, but expect a 0-to-60 mph sprint of less than five seconds and a top speed of around 130 mph. The power heads to the wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. Just what the doctor ordered.

How fast are slingshot cars?

Most Slingshot owners have maxed out their rides at about 125 MPH, and some Slingshot owners have reported that the machine started to feel unstable and wobbly when reaching those speeds. 0-60 times have been reported at about 4.6 seconds by various users. 125 MPH is definitely a very high speed.

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