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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Louisville Slugger games online?

The Louisville Slugger Sports Complex streaming platform,, is the exclusive streaming service of the LSSC. Games are LIVE-broadcasted from all 12 facility fields (2 Slugger Dome & 10 Outdoor Fields) simultaneously. All games are LIVE-broadcasted for immediate viewing, and then archived for On-demand viewing at a later date.

What is Slugterra?

Slugterra is an epic sci-fi comedy adventure set deep underground, where the ammo's alive and only the quick survive! In this luminous, high-tech, underground world every cavern holds a new adventure, new battle and weird little slugs to be discovered! The story follows Eli and his crew as they explore the caverns,...

Who is the best slugsling hero?

Eli Shane is determined to be the greatest Slugslinging hero of them all! Only by collecting, training and dueling with little critters called SLUGS can Eli and his team hope to defeat the f... Read all Eli Shane is determined to be the greatest Slugslinging hero of them all!

Is Dr Blakk trying toghoul the slugs?

But there is a very real threat to the world and the slugs; Dr. Blakk is seeking to "ghoul" the slugs, transforming them into feral mindless weapons! No one has been able to stand up to Blakk's powerful slugs and army of henchmen... until now.

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