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Frequently Asked Questions

Is small plates a good place to eat?

Our first visit to Small Plates was about 6 years ago and we were not impressed, but decided to give it another try. I'm glad we did! The food was served fast and was very tasty! My husband and I split the beet salad, duck lettuce wraps, fish tacos, sliders and sweet potato fries. All were excellent.

Is a small-plate menu right for your restaurant?

In fact, the National Restaurant Association listed small-plate menus as one of the top five hot restaurant concepts for its 2019 culinary forecast. We’ve pinpointed the eight reasons why smaller portion sizes are a trend that your establishment should consider adopting into its menu. What are the benefits of serving smaller portion sizes?

What is a small plate and why do you need one?

But small plates allow you to serve higher-end ingredients like caviar or truffles at a more palatable price point. “It gives you the capability of putting things on the menu that you can try out and you’re not going to make a big fail of it,” Hallman says. “You’ll know if it’s successful.” Ozyilmaz echoes this point.

Is there a food cost calculator for small plate restaurants?

Landing on the exact price for each dish is time-consuming, weighed down with formulas and full of trial and error. That’s why we’ve created a food cost calculator that can do it for you. With a small-plate concept, guests can order several dishes instead of committing to one entrée.

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