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What is the best dog for a small home?

The five best dog breeds for apartments and small homesYorkshire Terrier: the lovable lap dog. They’re toy-sized. ...Havanese: the Cuban companion. They’re small in stature. ...Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: the cuddly confidant. This breed may have royal roots but they don’t need to live in palatial splendour to thrive. ...Basenji: the “barkless” breed. ...Greyhound: the surprisingly lazy lounger. ...

What is the worlds dumbest dog?

the dumbest dog in the world is the afghan hound. that is scientificly proven. the afghan hound is also one of the oldest breed of dogs in history. so for the people that are saying the chihuahua is the dumbest dog..they are wrong. Mastiff’s are considered some of the dumbest dog breeds, according to Coren’s study on canine intelligence.

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