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Frequently Asked Questions

Is soda rock a good winery?

Like most of the other Wilson family wineries, Soda Rock is known for their red wines with a specialty in Bordeaux varietals. Their Sauvignon Blanc was light and crisp white their Cabernet Sauvignon was Fuller and more pronounced. Although the obvious contrast, I still enjoyed both of these wines the most.

What is the history of soda rock?

"Soda Rock is the original site of the Alexander Valley general store and post office, and was once the central hub of activity for the valley. Historic records provide evidence of the first bonded winery on this property in 1880. Many locals remember Soda Rock Winery from…"

What happened to soda rock's tasting room?

It's still devastating that the Kincaid fires destroyed Soda Rock's gorgeous tasting room. You can still see the ruins from outside of their barn. Luckily the barn was spared (this is where the winery has been currently conducting their tastings), but all that's left from their original tasting room is the brick wall from the original building.

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