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Frequently Asked Questions

What is soil profile?

The soil is arranged in layers or horizons during its formation. These layers or horizons are known as the soil profile. It is the vertical section of the soil that is exposed by a soil pit. The layers of soil can easily be identified by the soil colour and size of soil particles. The different layers of soil are: Topsoil; Subsoil; Parent rock

Which soil profile is best for plant growth?

FIGURE 1. Soil profile. (Courtesy, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA) eluviation. TheAhorizon provides the best environment for the growth of plant roots, microorganisms, and other life. TheEhorizon is the zone of greatest eluviation. Because the clay, chemicals, and organic matter are leached, the color of theEhorizon is very light.

How to determine the number of roots in a soil profile?

However, most soil profiles are described from a vertical plane and the number of roots observed per unit area may differ depending on the orientation. Therefore, a horizontal cross-section should be used when practical to determine quantity of roots.

How to calculate bulk density of soil?

Recommended alternative methods are: 1) Collect a known volume at the field moisture state (satiated). Bulk density is then calculated based on the dried weight of a known volume of soil at the field moisture status.

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