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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synchronous satellite orbit?

A satellite in a synchronous orbit that is both equatorial and circular will appear to be suspended motionless above a point on the orbited planet's equator. For synchronous satellites orbiting Earth, this is also known as a geostationary orbit.

Can a sun-synchronous orbit exist around other planets?

Sun-synchronous orbits are possible around other oblate planets, such as Mars. A satellite orbiting a planet such as Venus that is almost spherical will need an outside push to maintain a Sun-synchronous orbit. The angular precession per orbit for an Earth orbiting satellite is given by T = ρ, where T is the orbital period.

What are the different types of satellite orbits?

Different types of satellite orbits have different uses: while the synchronous orbit is best for communication satellites, Lagrangian point orbits help monitor the solar wind before it reaches Earth. A low altitude polar orbit is widely used for monitoring the Earth because each day, as the Earth rotates below it, the entire surface is covered.

What keeps a satellite in a sun-synchronous orbit?

The path that a satellite has to travel to stay in a Sun-synchronous orbit is very narrow. If a satellite is at a height of 100 kilometers, it must have an orbital inclination of 96 degrees to maintain a Sun-synchronous orbit. Any deviation in height or inclination will take the satellite out of a Sun-synchronous orbit.

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