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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MRTK and why do we need it?

Despite the initial learning curve, MRTK is a must for any development team working in the XR space. It has endowed our team with the ability to: Quickly iterate on individual prototypes when dealing with Interactions, Menus, and Solvers. Greatly increase the speed at which we can get through the “Design, Test, Polish, Repeat” cycle.

What is the tracked target type property of the solverhandler?

The Tracked Target Type property of the SolverHandler component defines the point of reference all solvers will use to calculate their algorithms. For example, a value type of Head with a simple SurfaceMagnetism component will result in a raycast from the head and in the direction of the user's gaze for solving what surface is hit.

How do I use MRTK input simulation?

MRTK supports in-editor input simulation. Simply run your scene by clicking Unity’s play button. Use these keys to simulate input. With MRTK’s input simulation, you can design and test experiences without the devices. This helps you quickly iterate ideas and prototypes.

What is a solver and how does it work?

A solver could also be attached to a controller and an object to make the object tag-along the controller. All solvers can be safely stacked, for example a tag-along behavior + surface magnetism + momentum. The Solver system consists of three categories of scripts: Solver: The base abstract class that all solvers derive from.

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