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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EDM real music?

No, EDM is not music. It's not because EDM lacks musical fundamentals -- in fact, all EDM tracks have elements of pitch, melody, tempo, rhythm, dynamics and texture -- all as essential to music as adding and subtracting are to math. It's not because some EDM tracks have no vocals -- most classical music doesn't, either.

How do I download songs?

Click the “Play” link underneath the song title to hear the song in your browser and make sure it's what you want. Download your file. When you're ready to download the song, right-click the “Download” link underneath the song title, and choose “Save as....” Choose a location on your computer and save the file there.

How to download instrumental songs?

For instrumental music free download from Free Music Archive, what you only need to do is search and then you will find there are kinds of free instrumental music for you to download.

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