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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best song for a disco bouquet toss?

An anthem for single ladies, this upbeat song by Queen B is guaranteed to get your ladies lined up and ready to catch the bouquet. Whether you’re an ABBA fan, Mamma Mia fan or both, “Dancing Queen” is a disco bouquet toss song that will definitely get your guests’ attention.

What to play after a bouquet toss?

After the bouquet toss, many couples choose to have a garter toss. However, it starts with songs to play while removing the garter from the bride’s leg. Why Play: A song about a woman who is young, strong, and independent. Why Play: A song about getting out of a funk and going out to celebrate and enjoy life.

What is a bouquet toss?

A bouquet toss is the perfect way to cap your fabulous evening—all the single ladies in the crowd gather excitedly as you toss your gorgeous blooms (or a smaller, stand-in arrangement). Whoever gets their hands on the arrangement will be the one who gets hitched next (at least that's how the story goes).

Is it time to toss the bridal bouquet?

The wedding reception is off to a good start and it’s time to toss the bridal bouquet. What song is the best to get the single ladies on the dance floor?

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