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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Sourcewell offer?

Please try again later. Sourcewell offers a variety of programs and services beyond cooperative purchasing, including national insurance and employee benefits programs, and Minnesota-based services for education, local governments, and nonprofits.

What is the Sourcewell Board of directors?

A Board of Directors governs Sourcewell, and is elected by full-voting members from a pool of county commissioners, city council members, mayors, or school board members from our five-county service area.

Why Sourcewell Government Solutions?

A self-sustaining government organization, Sourcewell has over 40 years of dedicated service helping government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently through a variety of solutions. Contract purchasing solutions that are competitively solicited nationally, offering over 400 awarded contracts.

Why Sourcewell eziqc contractors?

They turned to Sourcewell's ezIQC construction procurement solution for cost savings, speed, and choice of local contractors. The project was completed within just six months—on budget, on time, and with 93% of subcontractors and suppliers located within a 20-mile radius of the work site. Not all Cooperative Agreements are created equally!

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