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What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition?

The Spanish Inquisition. In 1478, the Catholic Monarchs began the famous Inquisition to purify Catholicism in all their territories. The Inquisition was established to act as a tribunal to identify heretics and bring them to justice. This added fuel to the fire of hatred between Jews and Christians; if you had an argument with a neighbor or acquaintance, you could accuse them of being Jewish and they would be taken to the tribunal and face real danger.

What made the Spanish Inquisition so horrible?

What made the Spanish Inquisition so horrible? The inquisition was a religious police. The instruments of torture, which Spanish Inquisition, used to be very ferocious (Los instrumentos de tortura de la Inquisición – Maquinaria del pánico ) too.

What are some interesting facts about the Spanish Inquisition?

Spanish Inquisition Key Facts. The Spanish Inquisition was a judicial institution that lasted between 1478 and 1834. Its ostensible purpose was to combat heresy in Spain, but, in practice, it resulted in consolidating power in the monarchy of the newly unified Spanish kingdom. Its brutal methods led to widespread death and suffering.

What did the Spanish Inquisition lead to?

Spanish Inquisition, (1478–1834), judicial institution ostensibly established to combat heresy in Spain. In practice, the Spanish Inquisition served to consolidate power in the monarchy of the newly unified Spanish kingdom, but it achieved that end through infamously brutal methods.

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