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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a speedrun in gaming?

A speedrun is a playthrough of a video game, or section of a video game, with the goal of completing it as fast as possible. Speedruns often follow planned routes, which may incorporate sequence breaking and can exploit glitches that allow sections to be skipped or completed more quickly than intended.

What is speedrun underground city?

You're trapped in underground cities! Run and use your special dash movement to survive. Speedrun is a 2D platform game that you can jump, dash and move to dodge a dangerous spike that can kill you. You have to survive a dangerous underground city with your special movement!

What was the first speedrun video website in the US?

Thus, in late 2003, the first public website that served tool-assisted speedrun videos from multiple authors, TASVideos (then known as NESVideos), was created. [51]

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