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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an orbit sprinkler splash guard?

Reduce excess splash from sprinklers with this Orbit Sprinkler Splash Guard with Pegs. This sprinkler splash guard protects areas, such as homes or fences from sprinkler backsplash and is compatible with most 1/2 -3/4 in. impact head sprinklers. Is the product durable?

What is a sprinkler Guard made of?

Made of durable plastic construction, the guard can withstand extreme temperatures and impact. Molded in a solid green color to blend with your lawn. Fits spring loaded pop-ups, gravity pop-ups and fixed pattern sprinklers of all manufacturers.

How does block sprinkler protect work?

Blocks sprinklers from watering your car. This directs the water forward into the grass so less water gets on your cars in the driveway. I ordered this to actually protect my sprinkler rotor from the neighbors constantly stepping on my property when trimming the "out of control" shrubs.

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