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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a Hunter sprinkler system?

One of the greatest benefits of using Hunter Sprinklers is its unique programming options. Many sprinklers allow you to set automatic times when it will turn on and off – but it is not ideal to keep the same schedule all year long. Changes in weather patterns can influence how much water your lawn needs.

What parts are needed for a Hunter sprinkler system?

We carry the full array of Hunter sprinkler rotors. Rotary Sprinklers are used in combination with other watering components to create a full maintenance-free irrigation system. Cover every watering scenario with our full line of rotors, irrigation valves, Hunter irrigation controllers, timers, and remotes.

What irrigation products does Hunter offer?

Sprinkler Warehouse works with Hunter to provide homeowners and contractors with all the tools necessary to succeed in lawn irrigation. We offer a wide variety of hunter products from popular rotors like the Hunter PGP Ultra, Hunter I 20, as well as other Hunter irrigation parts.

What features does the Hunter smart irrigation system offer?

The Hunter system offers a unique advantage, thanks to its innovative Smart Irrigation controller features. You can easily control and automate your sprinklers through the control system for automatic turn-on and shut-off, as well as scheduled watering times. This is based on the Hunter Run Time Calculator.

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