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Frequently Asked Questions

What does squat stand for?

The Squat Stand. A Squat stand is a device specifically designed to support the weight when you are performing variations of the squat movement. It consists of two adjustable metal stands which support a barbell.

Why are squats bad for You?

The conclusion is quite simple: full squats are NOT bad for your knees, and therefore you should squat deep. Partial and parallel squats may hit the quadriceps and hamstrings enough, but if you really want to get your butt toned up and put yourself at lower risk of injury, try squatting lower into the hole.

What is the best squat?

The traditional favorite in the squat category, the barbell back squat has a remarkable carryover to a lot things. The easiest way to improve your jump is to push up your back squat. The squat will even improve the press, and not just through the systemic effect and pushing up the body weight.

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