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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You give Me a sentence using the word squeeze?

Squeeze sentence examples:1.the company intends to Squeeze further savings from its suppliers.2.put the eye-drops into your right eye 4-6 tims a day, each time one to two deops. Squeeze a bit of the ointment on your eyelid every simpler parlance, roe is a measure of how much profit the company can Squeeze out

What does the word squeezing mean?

The slang expression "to put the squeeze on (someone or something)", meaning "to exert influence", is from 1711. The baseball term "squeeze play" is first recorded 1905.

What is another name for Squeeze?

squeeze out; pinch out; squeeze empty; peg out; squeeze dry; wring out; squirt; eject; force out; extrude; eke out. Beside this, How you bumming meaning?

What is the plural of Squeeze?

squeeze (plural squeezes) A close or tight fit. (figuratively) A difficult position. I'm in a tight squeeze right now when it comes to my free time.

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