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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of living with a stage 4 lung cancer?

The five-year relative survival rate for stage 4 lung cancer is 4.7 percent. However, relative survival rates don’t take into account recent improvements in treatment. They’re based on diagnosis and treatment for at least 5 years earlier.

What is the life expectancy of someone with Stage 4 lung cancer?

The median stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer life expectancy—the time at which 50 percent of patients are alive and 50 percent have passed away—is only around eight months. The five-year survival rate—that is, the percent of people who are expected to be alive five years after a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer—is sadly only 4 percent.

How bad is Stage 4 lung cancer?

And if the same manages to reach the bones, then it may cause pain in the joints, spinal region, thighs and ribs. Stage 4 lung cancer may also cause some less common symptoms. These might include high fever, swollen face, finger clubbing, wheezing and chronic hoarseness.

What is the prognosis for Stage 4 lung cancer?

This the most advanced stage of lung cancer, when the cancer has spread beyond the lung to other parts of the body. The survival statistics for stage 4 lung cancer are very low. For individuals with stage 4 disease, only between 2 and 13% will survive for at least five years after diagnosis.

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