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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you stain pine wood?

Staining usually causes blotches and always makes pine’s porous earlywood darker than its dense latewood, just the opposite of unstained pine (inset). This transformation is called “grain reversal.”

How do you prepare wood for staining?

There are three key steps to any interior wood staining project: Prep, Stain and Protect. First, prepare the wood. The goal in the prep stage is to get a nice, smooth surface. You can repair any nail holes or imperfections in the wood with a wood filler. Then, grab your sandpaper and start sanding.

What kind of stain do you need for your project?

Whether you're looking for oil-based wood stain, water-based wood stain, wood fillers, polyurethane, brushes or other staining accessories - we have everything you need to beautify your wood projects and help them last a long time. There are several types of interior stains.

What are the different types of interior wood stains?

The three most common types of interior wood stains are water-based wood stains, oil-based wood stains and gel stains. Each of these will enhance the natural grain of your wood tables, cabinets or other projects.

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