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Frequently Asked Questions

What are stained glass birds on a wire?

Bring life and vibrancy to your glass windows with stained glass birds on a wire. Inspired by traditional Tiffany-style techniques, these bird suncatchers will beautifully diffuse natural daylight into your home while lending your walls with colorful patterns.

How to decorate your home with birds?

Invite to your home a singing group of birds, resting on a branch in the form of stained glass. Hand-made of glass, red tribeads, copper foil, solder, flux and wire. These are some some of the most recognized birds, now also in your house.

How much does stained glass weigh?

Stained glass is heavy. The size of the piece will merit the weight. A small window can use a 14.5" wide string of 4 birds with the weight only being 2 pounds. Larger windows where a grouping of 10 birds is displayed measures 19" x 11". The weight of a larger piece is nearly 3 pounds.

What is stained glass?

Stained glass has been in existence since the 4th century. Skilled artisans hand-cut and arrange colored or painted glass with came sections that are derived from brass, zinc, brass or copper. Once the artwork is in place, soldered metal solidifies the piece.

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