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Frequently Asked Questions

What is church stained glass film?

Our church stained glass film saves money in utility costs with by reducing heat and cuts damaging UV rays and glare (no more sun damaged pews and carpeting). We also offer beautiful murals for baptisteries and for buildings that dont have windows. Our stained glass window film is made to your EXACT size, shape, and design preference!

What is stained glass?

As a material stained glass is glass that has been coloured by adding metallic salts during its manufacture. The coloured glass is crafted into stained glass windows in which small pieces of glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures, held together (traditionally) by strips of lead and supported by a rigid frame.

How long does it take to get stained glass?

Vandal protection against shattered glass (film keeps shattered glass window fragments from getting everywhere by holding them to the film) Super fast turnaround; Most orders generally completed in 2-3 weeks, comparable stained glass can sometimes take YEARS!

Is stained glass still popular today?

Stained glass is still popular today, but often referred to as art glass. It is prevalent in luxury homes, commercial buildings, and places of worship. Artists and companies are contracted to create beautiful art glass ranging from domes, windows, backsplashes, etc.

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