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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stained glass design software?

It is a desktop-based program that runs on Windows or Mac. The stained glass design software allows a user to import three-dimensional digital glass patterns, and it can also convert those patterns into the correct format for burning into stained glass. The software has an infinite number of patterns for use in designing projects.

How to create geometric stained glass patterns?

You can easily create geometric stained glass patterns with online Rapid Resizer ‘s magic Reflect Tool. This is different to the Mirror tool. Rather than flipping the image the Reflect tool doubles or quadruples your image. I LOVE this tool. It’s so clever and gives a whole new set of options for design.

How do I upload a stained glass pattern?

When you first create an account and log in to Rapid Resizer you’ll see this screen: Click the blue button and choose a file to upload. The file can be jpg, png or pdf (pdf is very handy as lots of free stained glass patterns are available as PDFs) Make sure your chosen file has enough detail (pixels).

Where can I find free glass patterns?

*All of our free patterns are attached to the inspiration kits below. Click on the inspiration kit and click "HERE" to get the free download pattern. Stained Glass Express has a variety of free glass patterns available for download. Many of the patterns are our original designs!

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