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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a quilt out of stained glass?

Download free Stained Glass quilt block patterns and get started creating a colorful wall hanging that will be admired for years to come. These patterns can be used as wall hangings or as a bed quilt or comforter. Small quilt blocks can be made as sampler pieces and added to other stained glass patterns.

What are the different versions of stained glass quilt pattern?

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Stained Glass Quilt Pattern. 1. Twelve Moons Quilt A fat quarter friendly pattern. Twelve Moons from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Learn more about Twelve Moons Quilt pattern here. 2. Batik Stained Glass Quilt Here is a version of Stained Glass Quilt using batiks.

Is there a stained glass quilt pattern for a log cabin?

Here is a stained glass quilt pattern in a log cabin design in brilliant shades of blue, purple, green and beige with a solid black boarder.

What is the best fabric for stained glass windows?

You will want to have black or another very dark fabric to serve as the outlines to all of your stained glass panels and brightly colored or bright solid fabric to serve as the stained glass windows. Ashley uses black fabric and a batik fabric for this demonstration as a batik fabric often combines many different bright color onto one fabric.

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