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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy stained glass supplies in Maryland?

Stained glass supplies and fusing supplies at low prices. Anything you need from glass, tools and supplies to books, patterns and mosaics. 5104 Pegasus Court Suite F Frederick, MD 21704 Phone: 800-462-1209

What are the best stained glass supplies for cutting glass?

Stained Glass Supplies Came & Supplies Chemicals Copper Foil & Supplies Solder Tools Tools Core Drill Bits Glass Cutters Bottle Cutters Hand Cutters Strip/Circle Cutters Toyo Glass Cutters Glass Cutting Systems Beetle Bits System Cutter's Mate System Morton Tools Systems Grinder Bits Aanraku Twofers Brilliant Bits Glastar

What does anything in stained glass offer?

Anything in Stained Glass offers supplies and fusing supplies at affordable prices. Anything you may need from glass, tools, supplies and books to patterns and mosaics as well as kilns. We can help with any of your stained glass needs.…

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