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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of film do you use for stained glass?

Stained Glass Window Films: Decorative Films, LLC. SOLYX® Stained Glass Window Films are a beautiful selection of original faux stained glass window films. Now you can achieve that stained glass window look at the fraction of the price of stained glass without compromising quality!

What is stained glass effect window film?

Stained glass effect window film is an affordable and easy to apply alternative to real stained glass, allowing you to transform your windows in minutes. If you’re looking for extra privacy, our stained glass window film products can also be printed on frosted film. Buy window film online with confidence from Purlfrost

What type of window film should I use on my Windows?

Stained glass window film will cling to your window, filtering light and reducing glare while also providing you with a beautiful refraction of colors from the print. Decorative prints can also double as privacy window film. They cover your window and make it hard for people to look into your home.

Are there different types of stained glass window clings?

All stained glass window clings are available in sizes to fit your needs. This page lists all stained glass window designs, or browse by category: Stained Glass Privacy Stained Glass See Through Colored Film Stained Glass Decals add accent colors without blocking your view. So many decorating possibilities for so little money.

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