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Frequently Asked Questions

What window cleaner is best for stained glass windows?

a gentle dish soap a soft cloth – microfiber is a good choice Mix a small amount of the dish soap in with the water. Soak your cloth in the water mixture and wring out as much excess water as possible. Beginning at the top of your window and working your way down, wash each individual piece, then dry with a different soft, dry towel.

How do you fix a stained glass window?

Solder it at either end to hold it securely in placeTurn over and repeat on the backsideCement, clean and polish as normal

Is window film safe for double pane windows?

Tinting Double Pane WindowsCaution With Double Pane Windows. Double pane windows are just that: two panes of glass that are sealed with a space in between, usually filled with a gas.Choosing Film for Double Pane Windows. The biggest factor here is heat absorption. ...Most Common Film Types for Double Pane Windows. Realistically, most common films are tested safe for double windows. ...

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