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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Forever postal stamps a good investment?

If you assume postal rates will always rise and never sink, then Forever Stamps are a good investment . And there's good reason to make that assumption. According to a Wikipedia article on the history of US postage rates, the prices generally rise.

What is the difference between Forever stamps and regular stamps?

Both stamps are used for the same purpose, such as mailing letters or regular envelopes but, you will still be able to use forever stamps if the price per stamp increases. A regular first class stamp is only worth the price stated on the actual stamp, whereas a forever stamp will always be good.

How much do forever stamps currently cost?

Here are their current rates (as of Jan 24, 2021): Additional Ounce Forever Stamp rate: $0.20 Two Ounce Forever Stamp: $0.75 Three Ounce Forever Stamp: $0.95 Global Forever Stamp: $1.20 Postcard Forever Stamp: $0.36 Non-Machineable Surcharge Forever Stamp: $0.75

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