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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any healthy lineups in the FCS?

FCS Healthy, Intact Lineups Are Vital for FCS Finalists Montana State, North Dakota State The national surge of COVID-19 cases hangs over Montana State and North Dakota State rosters leading into the FCS championship game. 6 days agoCraig Haley FCS The 21 Numbers of 2021

How are the herhero Sports FCS football rankings calculated?

HERO Sports FCS Football Rankings are calculated through an algorithm incorporating team/players stats, record, strength of schedule, and other proprietary calculations. The difference in Power Rank between two teams provides the best understanding about predictive match outcomes.

How many FCS college football games were played in 2021?

FCS college football games were played in 31 different weekends spread over two seasons in 2021 - one of the year's 10 bigger storylines. 1 week agoCraig Haley FCS

Who are the FCS national awards winners by school?

FCS FCS National Awards Winners by School A breakdown of Walter Payton, Buck Buchanan, Jerry Rice, Eddie Robinson and Doris Robinson award winners by school. 2 days agoCraig Haley

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