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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a statue and a statute?

image of human or animal carved in marble or bronze: There is a statue of the local hero in the center of town. stature – height or uprightness: He was of unusual stature. statute – a law enacted by the legislative branch of a government: The maximum allowable speed was established by statute.

Why are statues so popular?

Statues of humans are often more intriguing than three-dimensional paintings. We can interact with them in our own space. When figures are presented in symbolic ways or in great size or detail, they become something more; they tell their own stories.

What does a statue represent?

Typical statues are life-sized or close to life-size; a sculpture that represents persons or animals in full figure but that is small enough to lift and carry is a statuette or figurine, whilst one more than twice life-size is a colossal statue. [2]

What are some good places to find statues?

From the Giant Leshan Buddha in China to Italy's Appennine Colossus, these are some of the most amazing sculptures and cool statues that the world has to offer.

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