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Frequently Asked Questions

What statues spawn NPCs in terraria?

Aside from the many other statues available, there are two that will spawn NPCs, these are the King and Queen Statues, and three that drop some pretty powerful items, the Bomb statue, the Heart Statue, and the Star Statue. RELATED: Terraria: Best Magic Weapons

How do you collect statues?

Like all furniture, a pickaxe is used to collect them. The 53 functional statues can be further categorised into 3 subtypes: 26 enemy statues, 19 critter statues and 8 other statues. These statues can be wired and activated to spawn enemies, drop items, or teleport a random NPC to their location. Statue-spawned enemies do not drop coins.

What is the bird statue in terraria?

The Bird Statue is a favorite among players and fans of Terraria, and rightly so. The Bird Statue is a hugely important component in the fastest engine in the game, the Bird Engine. All you need is 50 Stone Blocks and five birds of any type to make this amazingly useful statue.

Do statue-spawned enemies drop loot?

Some statue-spawned enemies will not drop items at all if they are killed by traps. Using a lava-based setup will avoid this limit entirely. If a statue for a Hardmode enemy is used before Hardmode, it either will not spawn or will not drop loot. Statue-spawned critters cannot be captured.

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