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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the steady state theory?

The Steady State Theory, developed in 1948, concluded the universe had no beginning and no end. This theory describes an expanding universe that stays in perfect balance like a pool kept full to overflowing by a trickle from a faucet. The "faucet" of the universe would be the continuous creation of matter from energy.

What is the steady-state model of the universe?

The Steady-State model states that the density of matter in the expanding universe remains unchanged over time because of the continuous creation of matter. In other words, the observable Universe essentially remains the same regardless of time or place.

How does the steady state theory explain the expansion of stars?

In the steady-state theory the expansion comes from the continuous bubbling up of the element hydrogen, from empty space at a rate of one particle every cubic meter every 300,000 years or so. This hydrogen eventually gathers and condenses into stars.

Is it possible to explain the origin of steady state radiation?

However, in the Steady State theory it is almost impossible to explain the origin of this radiation. Is the Steady State theory a good theory? For the reasons given above, by the early 1970s the Steady State theory was no longer accepted by the vast majority of cosmologists.

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