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Frequently Asked Questions

What's on the Steak-Out menu?

At every Steak-Out you will find our signature menu items, so you know just what to expect. Many of these items can be served as an entrée, a lunch special or on a sandwich bun. These items include but are not limited to: ribeye steak, sirloin steak, chopped steak, grilled chicken, and grilled shrimp. Adding in Some Local Flavor

Where is Steak-Out located in the US?

However, since Steak-Out was founded back in 1986, in Huntsville, AL, Steak-Out has always strived to be a part of the local community. We have franchise locations throughout the Southeast and as far west as South Dakota.

Where's the best steak in Concord NH?

The Steakhouse and Watering hole in Laconia is no-frills, but the steak is delicious, so you'll never regret dining there. 8. O Steaks and Seafood, Concord This spot may be known for seafood, but it has some of the best steak in the area. 11 S Main St Concord, NH 03301

Does Steak-Out deliver to corporate events?

From lunch meetings and dinner for the family to large corporate events, Steak-Out delivers. Want steaks, chicken, sandwiches, salads, or desserts? We’ve got you covered.

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