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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stewart Indian School known for?

The Stewart Indian School (1890–1980) was an Indian school southeast of Carson City, Nevada that is noted for the masonry work of colored native stone used by student apprentices to build the vernacular-style buildings. The school, part of the Native American boarding schools project, was the only off-reservation boarding school in Nevada.

How did Stewart Institute get its name?

Funding for the school was obtained by Nevada's first senator, William M. Stewart, and it was named in his honor when it opened on December 17, 1890. It has also been known as Stewart Institute, Carson Industrial School, and Carson Indian School .

What happened to the Stewart Indian School in Nevada?

Today, the Stewart Indian School is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places and the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum is located in the former Administration Building. Memorabilia from the former Stewart Indian School is currently displayed at the Nevada State Museum’s Under One Sky exhibit.

What kind of masonry was used at Stewart Indian School?

Stewart Indian School masonry building. Snyder transformed the school into an architectural and horticultural showplace. He used colored native stone quarried from along the Carson River for campus buildings, and much of the masonry used in the vernacular-style buildings is the work of student apprentices.

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