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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stewart Steel?

Stewart Steel is an established Steel Fabrication Company, located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, with markets that extend to all parts of Canada, USA, and Australia. We specialize in Oilfield, Industrial and Agricultural Manufacturing.

Why choose Stewart Steel for your agriculture equipment?

When it comes to agriculture equipment, you only need to remember Stewart Steel. We are your one stop shop for the equipment to increase your productivity while reducing your down time. Our Axceller Kits, auger extenders and grain tank extensions increase your productivity in the field.

Why buy “the extender” from Stewart Steel?

Save time, save money. “The Extender,” the combine unloading auger extender from Stewart Steel, gives you the added reach when unloading your grain. Now you can add the larger header and not worry about unloading into the truck or grain cart. With “The Extender,” you get the added distance you need to avoid costly stops and slowdowns.

Why choose stewartstewart?

Stewart’s database of nationwide publicly recorded property and ownership records give you instant access to complete and accurate information. Calculating title and escrow fees is a breeze. Get a quote.

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