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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Japanese stone pagoda?

The stone Pagodas, known as Sekitō (石塔) in Japanese, were a perfect addition to the traditional Japanese garden because of the symbolism and their unique presence. A stone Pagoda can add a one-of-a-kind essence to a Japanese garden like no other garden ornament can. The most authentic Japanese stone pagodas for sale

What is a Toscano pagoda?

This Design Toscano oriental statue is expertly cast in quality designer resin, with a textured faux stone finish that brings peace to a zen garden or other sacred space. The perfect focal piece for a quiet corner, our giant pagoda will become the centerpiece to any Asian-style contemplative garden or put the finishing touch on a garden patio.

What is a Japanese Acer pagoda?

The pagoda pattern a Japanese Acer garden considered a symbol of peace and serenity representing balance and practicality. A perfect catchall the striking pagoda bowl is beautifully presented in a signature Wedgwood gift box and makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Perfect accessory for some micro landscape decoration.

What does the top floor of a pagoda symbolize?

The high Pagodas symbolize the sacred mountains of legends and folklore. The top floor of a Pagoda was usually the place where valuable treasures, jewels and artifacts were safely stored. Centuries ago, the pagoda's architecture served as a blueprint for the creation of stone garden ornaments in Japan.

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