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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stopper?

2. One that causes something to stop: a conversation stopper. 3. Games A card or cards enabling one to prevent one's opponents from winning all the tricks in a particular suit in a hand of bridge. 4. Baseball A relief pitcher, especially one called upon to protect a lead.

What are the different types of rubber stoppers?

Types include Micro, Solid, rubber stoppers with one hole and two hole varieties. Silicone stoppers, Neoprene and Pure Gum available in solid plugs only. EPDM Rubber Stoppers available in solid, 1-hole and 2-hole varieties.

What is the Crime Stoppers program and how does it work?

The Crime Stoppers Program offers rewards of up to $3,500 for anonymous information provided to the 800-577-TIPS hotline that leads to the arrest and indictment of a violent felon.

Why choose stoppers baseball?

Stoppers are entirely dedicated to the health and success of our players. Our coaches are former professional and collegiate athletes that operate top-level travel teams focused on fun while maintaining a climate of positive accountability. Stoppers Baseball is an elite travel baseball program serving the Chicagoland area.

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