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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact stride Academy School District 149?

Stride Academy Stride Academy Share via email School District 149292 Torrence AvenueCalumet City, IL 60409 Phone: 708.868.8300Fax: 708.868.7850 © 2021 School District 149AccessibilityPrivacy PledgeMobile

Is stride Academy a good school?

Overall, STRIDE Academy is a high-performing, well-run school with a positive culture and strong student outcomes. A contract term of four (4) years recognizes the consistent performance of the school in all areas, with very few concerns to address from Pillsbury United Communities.

Where is the stride office located?

Stride headquarters is located at 2300 Corporate Park Dr, Herndon. Where are Stride offices? Stride has an office in Herndon. How many offices does Stride have? Stride has 1 office.

What is strstride Academy?

STRIDE Academy is a student-centered school with a well-developed educational model that advances learning for all students. They have recovered from recent challenges and have used the stabilizing process to go deeper into actualizing the purpose of the school.

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