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Frequently Asked Questions

Is stride Academy a good school?

Overall, STRIDE Academy is a high-performing, well-run school with a positive culture and strong student outcomes. A contract term of four (4) years recognizes the consistent performance of the school in all areas, with very few concerns to address from Pillsbury United Communities.

What is stride for kids?

The Stride game-based learning system for grades Pre-K to 8 engages students & accelerates learning in math, language arts, reading & science. Make academic success easy to achieve for any student. Motivate and reward your child’s learning with Stride – subscribe today.

Why stride skills arcade is the best game for kids?

Your child will love to learn because in Stride Skills Arcade, they work hard to earn coins to play exciting games. Striking graphic quality in mesmeric games from genres like arcade, physics, logic, puzzle, and sports compel your child to work hard and play hard. Track your child’s progress with easy to use dashboards.

What is strstride Academy?

STRIDE Academy is a student-centered school with a well-developed educational model that advances learning for all students. They have recovered from recent challenges and have used the stabilizing process to go deeper into actualizing the purpose of the school.

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