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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stride K12?

We are Stride K12, empowering high-quality, personalized learning. We make the most of technology to support inspired teaching and interactive curriculum, so students can learn in the ways that work for them. Over two million students have chosen Stride K12-powered schools.

What is stride?

Together, toward the future. Stride is a community of passionate leaders. Whether teachers, engineers, curriculum writers, or financial managers — whatever your expertise or role, we all work to empower futures through learning. And changing the trajectory of learning itself is one of our greatest missions.

How to contact stride Academy School District 149?

Stride Academy Stride Academy Share via email School District 149292 Torrence AvenueCalumet City, IL 60409 Phone: 708.868.8300Fax: 708.868.7850 © 2021 School District 149AccessibilityPrivacy PledgeMobile

Why choose stride for online education?

From Stride's own extensive training programs to free master's in online education at Southern New Hampshire University, this is a culture of learning. People change and interests shift.

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