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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fire training simulator?

Fire Training Simulator - Free Online Free virtual fireground incident command fire scene simulators for officer development, firefiighter size-up drills, testing and presentation simulations. Drag and Drop Smoke and Fire Simulations

How do I use smoke and fire simulators?

Drag and Drop Smoke and Fire Simulations Easy to use online fireground simulators for incident command drills, tactical training, officer development, department firefighter testing or presentations. Anywhere movable smoke and fire in a simulated fire incident is required. Simply click on one of the potential fire scene links below.

What is the emergency scene fire simulation?

The Emergency Scene Fire Simulation generally accounts for the highest point allocation in the testing process. The key information you need to be successful in the emergency scene simulation portion is contained within this section.

What is fluid fire simulation 3?

Fluid Fire Simulation 3 Fire simulation sandbox, more realistic and accurate. You can create fire, draw wooden or stone walls, burn them up, create particles, air emitters and burn it all with a fireball.

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