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Frequently Asked Questions

How can study Island help my students?

Research show that just 30 minutes a week of sustained practice per subject in Study Island has a positive statistically significant effect on reading and math achievement! Questions Answered Correctly: Another idea is to challenge your students to answer as many questions correctly as possible on Study Island practice topics.

How many standards-based items are available in Study Island?

Deliver independent practice or deploy targeted support with flexible tools in Study Island. More than 600,000 standards-based items, including 12 technology-enhanced item types, are available in online practice sessions and printable worksheets.

How do I enroll teachers in Study Island?

Tip: When enrolling teachers, be sure to include email addresses. This will allow Study Island to automatically email login credentials for immediate access. Get to know the Teacher Page and adjust student settings. The Teacher Page is your hub in Study Island and connects you to the data and features you will use most.

Does Study Island generate certificates?

Study Island generates built-in certificates when students earn Blue Ribbons, but you may also want to customize your own certificates. Use these editable templates to award grand prize winners or recognize top classes, grade levels, or even schools. Get Inspired to Compete!

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