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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do Korean students study a day?

The average Korean student will dedicate 12 to 16 hours of their day to their studies. However, many Korean students will study more than that to stay ahead of the class. The South Korean education system is very demanding, which keeps the students on the tip of their toes.

What is the timetable for a typical Korean high school student?

Let’s take a look at the timetable for a typical Korean high school student. The first class starts at 8 am (this varies depending on the school). Classes will be approximately 50 minutes each. There will be a 50-minute lunches break, as well as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break.

How to study like a Korean student?

If you want to study like a Korean student, you will need to focus a lot of your time and energy on it. This means that you will need to be committed, but more importantly, you will need to schedule time in for studying.

What apps are beneficial to international students' campus life in Korea?

Here are some apps that may be beneficial to international students’ campus life in Korea. With over 5.82 million users, Everytime is an app that serves as an online community for college students. From official notices by universities to casual notes made by students enrolled in each university, a wide range of information is shared on the app.

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