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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a verse-by-verse study?

The Verse-by-verse Studies on this site go over things one verse at a time (sticking with a specific part of scripture rather than tracing a subject).

How do I start a Bible study?

Historical Setting, 2. Literary Context, 3. Grammatical Features, 4. Choice of Words, 5. Genre, 6. Parallel Passages. Click on a box below to begin your study. Download free Computer Bible Study Library software for Windows PC INTERNATIONAL COMMENTARIES: Click on language, click on book, click on chapter

What is the practice of covering verses as I feel led to?

I have adopted the practice of covering verses as I feel led to, which means that rather than going through an entire book of the Bible in order, the verse-by-verse content on this site will tend to be more scattershot, tackling some difficult verses here and there across many different books.

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