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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stylenanda?

3CE│STYLENANDA Korean Contemporary Women's Fashion Styling Shop. New Arrivals Everyday. From fashion to cosmetics discover the latest trends from Stylenanda. We create not just the clothes but the culture, not just cosmetics but the looks. Free International Shipping Available. {#item} Hot Keyword One-piece linen Bikinis Sandals Short-sleeved

Is 3CE a Korean brand?

Established in 2009, Korean makeup brand 3CE (3 CONCEPT EYES) enjoys huge popularity in Asia and beyond. As an offshoot of parent company Nanda Co. (home to fashion brand Stylenanda), which was founded in 2004 by then-21-year-old businesswoman Kim So-hee, 3CE quickly won millennials over with its innovative formulas, ...

What is 3CE makeup?

Rendered in an alluring palette of pink, orange and beige, 3CE makeup speaks directly to the young, sophisticated girl-about-town who’s interested in creating a total look.

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