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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe in Seoul?

As a matter of fact, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe has two cafe branches in Seoul, one in Myeongdong and the other one is in Hongdae. Actually, the one in Hongdae is way bigger than the cafe in Myeongdong. Also, there is more space to sit, chill and relax. Plus, there’s also a mini pool here whereas, in Myeongdong, they don’t have any.

Where is the Pink Pool Cafe in Hongdae?

One is called the Pink Hotel, located in Myeongdeong and this one the Pink Pool Cafe, located in Hongdae. While both of the cafes have adorable decor and yummy treats, the Pink Pool Cafe in Hongdae has that little extra with its Instagrammable pool and lots of seating space.

How many floors does the Pink Pool Cafe have?

The cafes were a 2016 addition to their two main flagship stores in Seoul. So, the whole theme of this store is a hotel, and it includes six fairly narrow floors. The fifth level is the Pink Pool Cafe and the sixth floor is an outdoor pillow/lounge setting.

What to drink at Pink Pool Café?

The Pink Pool Café serves up a pretty menu of drinks from Shakes, Tea, Ade, to “Diet” drinks of Real Tomato Juice, Lemon Detox Water, Coconut Juice and Burdock Tea (6500 Won – 7000 Won, SGD7.90 – 8.50) for the health-conscious, considered slightly above the usual café pricing.

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