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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunsun-synchronous orbit?

sun-synchronous orbit An orbit in which the satellite's orbital plane is at a fixed orientation to the sun, i.e., the orbit precesses about the earth at the same rate that the earth orbits the sun.

Why do we use a satellite in a sun synchronous orbit?

Since it is always lighted, satellite in sun-synchronous orbit is best-suited for Earth observation purposes such as Remote sensing giving a clear & bright view of earth at all times from its imagery ! What does “Sun synchronous” mean?

How do you know if an orbit is sun synchronous?

An orbit will be Sun-synchronous when the precession rate ρ equals the mean motion of the Earth about the Sun, which is 360° per sidereal year ( 1.990 968 71 × 10−7 rad/s ), so we must set Δ ΩT = ρ, where T is the orbital period.

What would happen if we were not in a synchronous orbit?

If we weren’t in a Sun-synchronous orbit, then we might start out seeing noon and midnight and then later in the year we’d be seeing some other time of day, and it would change over time. With the Sun-synchronous orbit, we’re locked to the Sun essentially, and so if we start out seeing noon and midnight, we’ll always see noon and midnight.

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