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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sundaysundays and seasons?

Sundays and Seasons isn’t just helpful for regular weekly worship—it provides the freedom and flexibility to plan for special services and occasions. Get online access to liturgies, liturgical music, lectionary texts, prayers, artwork, children’s bulletins, plus the ability to download hymns and songs.

How can I find specific texts in Sundays and seasons?

When you know what you need, get directly to the digital content you want. With several advanced search options, you can find specific texts in the Sundays and Seasons database in just seconds. Enjoy fully searchable versions of the complete NRSV Bible, plus thousands of hymns and songs.

How do I create text in sundaysandseasons?

Every new subscription has one folder to begin with, My Folder. The plus sign icon is active when no folders or texts are checked. Click it to create a new text. Fill in the box that appears, assign the new text to a folder, and click the “Go” button.

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