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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my device account not showing up on Surface Hub?

No device account is set up on this Surface Hub. Provision a device account through Settings. Calendar is not showing on the Welcome screen or message "Appointments of date (overprovisioned)" is being displayed. The device account is provisioned on too many devices. Remove the device account from other devices that it's provisioned to.

How do I install the Surface Hub recovery tool?

Download and install the Surface Hub Recovery Tool package by clicking the Download button above from the computer you’d like to use as a host PC. If your browser prompts you to Save or Run the file, click Run to start the installation immediately or click Save to copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time.

How do I re-image my Surface Hub SSD?

From this site, you can download the Microsoft Surface Hub Recovery Tool or the Surface Hub Replacement PC drivers. The Surface Hub Recovery Tool helps you re-image your Surface Hub Solid State Drives (SSD) using a Windows 10 desktop device without a need for calling for support or replacing the SSD itself.

How do I add Surface Hub device ID to the allowed list?

Add the Surface Hub device ID to the allowed list by setting the ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIds property for the mailbox. This section lists status codes, mapping, user messages, and actions an admin can take to solve Exchange ActiveSync errors. The password must be updated.

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