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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms does Swan and dolphin have?

The Swan has 758 guest rooms and suites spread over a 12-story main building and two seven-story wings. The Dolphin is 27 stories tall and has 1,509 guest rooms. The Swan and Dolphin are equivalent to the Disney Deluxe Resorts, but usually they are priced around the same as the Moderate Resorts.

Who owns the Swan and Dolphin?

Disney owns the land that the Swan and Dolphin are on but doesn’t own the hotels themselves. They are owned in a joint venture by the Tishman Hotel Corp. and MetLife and operated on behalf of the two companies by the Starwood Corporation.

Who owns Swan and Dolphin Hotel?

While known as the “Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort”, the Swan and Dolphin hotels are not fully owned by Walt Disney World. The land is owned by Disney while the hotels themselves are leased by Disney from the owners, Tishman and MetLife.

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