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Frequently Asked Questions

How far away is Swan Island Dahlias from Portland?

Swan Island Dahlias was about half an hour away from Portland. It was easy to get to, despite being confused as to why GPS was navigating us through a neighborhood to get here. But hey, it's cool to get a tour of Oregon. Compared to other flower festivals I've been to, Swan Island Dahlias was the most laidback one I've been to.

Where can I see dahlias in Oregon?

Swan Island Dahlias is a great place to visit for anyone who loves flower gardens and of course, dahlias. The large field has every dahlia that you can imagine and beyond. We had a great time here, admiring the beautiful flowers. Swan Island Dahlias was about half an hour away from Portland.

What do you like about dahlias?

Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers. It seems that every geometric shape can be found in the variety of leaves and nose of the Dahlia. Colors range from the brightest of brights - yellow, fuschia, red, purple, orange - to the palest of pinks.Some multi colored, stripe or tipped And the textures!

When will my dahlia tubers be shipped?

All dahlia tubers are shipped in the spring closer to planting time. 2021 Annual Dahlia Festival has been modified to run August -September. Visit the gift shop with 100's of local gifts and treasures. Stroll through our display gardens & fields. Festival includes: classes, food carts, free concerts, and family fun on select days.

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